Tennis Titans

Tennis Titans

3D tennis game with a cartoonish style
4.3  (27 votes)
Play in Ring Tour mode and master the game's controls by putting the ball through as many rings as you can to advance to the next level, then try your hand in the Classic Tour mode, and compete against computer-controlled opponents.

Tennis Titans is a great game for those who like this sport. In this PC game you will be able to choose from two game play modes: the classic tour and the ring tour. In the classic tour mode, you will be able to choose from seven different characters to play with, in this mode you will challenge your skills against other characters played by the computer in different courts . You should win every level to reach the final one and become a tennis titan. The game will become more challenging once you start winning matches. The other mode, the Ring Tour, is a total different challenge. You should hit the ball so it passed through the rings. The more rings you pass through with the ball, the better your score is. This mode is a good way to get used with the gameplay and the controls.
The graphics are fast and very control sensitive, the sound and sound effects are average. The gameplay is really easy and entertaining, the controls will take you some time to get used to, because of its sensitive response. Once done, you will find them great.

Guzman Gonzalez
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